Comparing Svelte and React

Last year I created Pomodone, a small time tracking application based on the Pomodoro technique of working in 25 minute intervals. It’s a pretty basic app; it has a 25 minute timer (that runs in a Web Worker) and saves a history of your “poms” to a small Firebase database. I initially built it using React (well, Preact actually) but I then started to play around with Svelte, and decided rebuilding the app in Svelte might be a nice way to blog about the similarities and differences between the libraries.

This is not a post declaring Svelte to be better than React, or vice-versa. This is a post where I’ll tell you about my preferences, and what I find easier or harder with either framework. I’m not here to pick a fight! Plus, Pomodone is hardily a vastly complex application that could be used to fully put React or Svelte through its paces. Think of this post as a commentary based on my experience throwing a side project together, focusing on the developer experience putting these components together…

React and Svelte are very similar in many ways, but what I’ve found is that in all the little ways that they are different, I prefer Svelte…

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