Collection of App ideas for your next project

Have you ever wanted to build something but you had no idea what to do? Just as authors sometimes have “writers block” it’s also true for developers. This list is intended to solve this issue once and for all! +1

These applications are:

  • great for improving your coding skills muscle;
  • great for experimenting with new technologies new;
  • great for adding to your portfolio to impress your next employer/client file_folder;
  • great for using as examples in tutorials (articles or videos) page_with_curl;
  • easy to complete and also easily extendable with new features ok_hand;

This is not just a simple list of projects, but a collection that describes each project in enough detail so that you can develop it from the ground up!

So the questions now are:

  • Have you already built on from the list? If yes, share it :slight_smile:
  • Are you gonna build one from the list? If yes, which one?
  • Which one is your favorite and why?

I don’t think I have ever done one :see_no_evil: usually preferring to get started on an app I am going to make anyway - even if I need to bin it and start over. For me that seems a better use of my time as I am going to be building it anyway and anything I learn along the way will be useful for the final project.

Interested to hear how many others have made some though! What about you Paulo, have you done any?


Directly from the repo no, but in the list it’s the Hello greeting, and that one I have done already in a plenty of tutorials ;). In the repo is also listed a Weather app, and I have done a one to learn the basics of a Progressive Web App.

In the repo is also listed a Todo app, and I am currently doing an advanced Todo App to release as a product,