Cloud Observability in Action (Manning)

Generate actionable insights about your cloud native systems. This book teaches you how to set up an observability system that learns from a cloud application’s signals, logging, and monitoring using free and open source tools.

Michael Hausenblas

Cloud Observability in Action teaches you to apply observability practices to cloud-based serverless and Kubernetes environments. In this one-of-a-kind guide, author Michael Hausenblas shares insights from his extensive experience building, monitoring, and improving cloud native systems.

You’ll use open source tools like Prometheus and Grafana to build your own observability system without having to rely on proprietary software. Learn how to use telemetry and destinations to continuously generate and discover insights from different signals, including logs, metrics, traces, and profiles. Throughout, use cases and rigorous cost-benefit analysis make sure you’re getting a real return on your investment in observability.

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