ChatGPT is leaking passwords from private conversations of its users, Ars reader says

Names of unpublished research papers, presentations, and PHP scripts also leaked.

Read in full here:

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Probably more lawsuits coming their way…

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Why would anyone put his passwords and other credentials in ChatGPT “conversations” ?



AI is dangerous! It would take control of the whole humanity!

Also people:

Oh no! We have knowingly provided sensitive data that could lead to our downfall AI is dangerous! …

Looks like some people are trapped in the infinite loop. :joy:

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The other day, I was too lazy to read an error message, so I fed it into ChatGPT. But first, I copied the error message to a new untitled file in VSCode and replaced all occurrences of my Mac’s username(s) with something else.

We should be that much careful with AI.


Oh, and I thought it was a total minimum of what should be done and I always did it long before all these AI. Similarly, long before Covid, I got the habit of often washing my hands. However, if these are not a typical behaviours then I understand why people panic at such a trivial cases. Well … I guess that in the future, people will probably see us as same as we perceive people during a black death when throwing garbage out the window was a “normal” behaviour. :man_facepalming:

Absolutely not. Many people often do a typical mistake of focusing on one problem even causing other problems to people. We should be that much careful with literally everything. :wink:

I like speak in general as … in general … if we follow a good practices we don’t have to worry so much. :smiling_face:

The general rule is to always look for a something between, never stand on the edge and never assume that your own solutions are the best. Also never trust for everything which is said by people you don’t know about especially people in media, politics or fake experts. Always think by yourself, build your own opinion and listen opinions of other people. Even if they are wrong you should understand the way they are looking on a specific case. :rocket: