ChatGPT has investors drooling, but can it bring home the bacon?

As Microsoft eyes $10B investment, it’s unclear what products can be built on the tech.

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Yeah I tend to think that OpenAI might become a trillion dollar company, if it doesn’t deflate the world economy first…

Seems the question isn’t what products can be built with it but what products can’t. Seen the new Notion AI? Just Notion + GPT-3. “Just.”

Imagine all documentation, compliance and record keeping done by it.

Imagine all paperwork automated away.

Imagine LawGPT-6.

I already feel old hat when I turn to Google… as a place to check if ChatGPT was correct.

Speaking of Google, only a few companies launch with zero advertising and hit like planet-shaking meteors… Talk about product market fit… Sure, free for now in the ChatGPT interface, but already I’m eyeing the GPT-3 API and the pricing isn’t bad considering the value I could pump out of it, assuming my customers haven’t all lost their jobs. And GPT-4 is around the corner.

But it seems like I’m writing as if I knew something about what was going to happen… I’m just throwing around thoughts for us to play with.

So let’s ask the The Source… right now I give ChatGPT this prompt:

Hey there, please write a mashup/satirical version of John Lennon's "Imagine" with lyrics about all the ways that generative AI could change industry and labor. For example, "Imagine all the paperwork/ Suddenly vanish into the sky/ All the documentation and compliance/ It isn't hard if you try ... and so on.

And ChatGPT writes back:

Imagine all the paperwork
Suddenly vanished in the air
All the documentation and compliance
Just gone, it’s not hard to bear

Imagine all the factories
Run by machines, not man
No more labor, no more strikes
Just efficiency, who can stand

Imagine all the jobs replaced
By AI that never sleeps
No more unemployment
Just machines that do and keep

Imagine all the data analyzed
In seconds, not days
No more errors, no more biases
Just accurate, efficient ways

Imagine all the industries
Transformed by AI’s hand
A future where we don’t have to work
And still, we’ll have a life grand

Imagine all the possibilities
That generative AI can bring
A world without labor’s limitations
A future where innovation is king

Imagine, it’s not hard to do
Just let AI take the lead
A future that’s better for me and you
And all the world, indeed.

What’s the emoji for this feeling?

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Terror mixed with hope?

But fair play, that was pretty good!

Kinda reminds me of this a bit:

Well worth a watch if you haven’t seen it :023:

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Can’t really see any hope in that :044:

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This a bit better perhaps :lol:

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Haha that hope is just… wow.

Ex Machina was super fun! At the same time, Yuval Noah Harari had an interesting point about it:

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ChatGPT works pretty well for small tasks like the typical homework, even for programming. However if you ask it something slightly more complex it can easily start to invent functions and libraries that don’t exist. Even when it gives you a working solution, most of the time it is not an optimal one or not one that will be written by an expert. It is the equivalent of a mediocre junior programmer that blindly copy pices of code from various places in the hope that it may work.

If it keeps improving, it could replace junior programmers first and later (in a few years) intermediary and expert programmers. At this time, nobody really knows how/if it will improve.


That made me lol :lol:

I have thought that perhaps for machines to want to ‘take over the world’ or to ‘kill all humans’ they would need some kind of emotion system, unless they see humans pose a threat, in which case we are probably going to be dust :043:

I am guessing the jumps will be quite high, especially when it’s able to start improving itself…

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Might still need a lot of improvements, but Microsoft made a good investment here.