Canva acquires Affinity, its biggest acquisition, to compete with Adobe

Canva Acquires Affinity Design Suite in Push to Rival Adobe.
(Bloomberg) – Canva Inc. acquired the Affinity suite of creative software popular with Mac and iPad users, securing a major acquisition to compete with Adobe Inc.Most Read from BloombergTrump Vows to Pay Fraud Trial Bond Cut by 68% to $175 MillionTrump’s Net Worth Hits $6.5 Billion, Making Him One of World’s 500 Richest PeopleAfter Exposing Realtors, Eliminate the Mortgage Interest DeductionBoeing CEO to Step Down in Overhaul Sparked by Safety CrisisThe deal marks a milestone for an Australian

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Really hope they don’t mess it up/go subscription only!

Didn’t Adobe abandon its acquisition of Figma?

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Update from Canva:

  1. We are committed to fair, transparent and affordable pricing, including the perpetual licenses that have made Affinity special.

We share a commitment to making design fairer and more accessible. For Canva, this has meant making our core product available for free to millions of people across the globe, and for Affinity, this has meant a fairly priced perpetual license model. We know this model has been a key part of the Affinity offering and we are committed to continue to offer perpetual licenses in the future.

If we do offer a subscription, it will only ever be as an option alongside the perpetual model, for those who prefer it. This fits with enabling Canva users to start adopting Affinity. It could also allow us to offer Affinity users a way to scale their workflows using Canva as a platform to share and collaborate on their Affinity assets, if they choose to.

Glad they will continue with the perpetual license - but still many people will remain apprehensive, as such take often never go as well as customers hope.

Wasn’t it blocked by the EU and UK?

Is there a chance that this acquisition by Canva of Affinity will also be blocked?

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I don’t think so as I don’t think Canva are seen as a big player in the space… but you never know?

Another perspective: I wouldn’t consider it a worst case scenario [if in the future] they go on subscription model, since some companies conditioned people’s perception (boil frog) of sub’ing a product/service.

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