Can I use Java to program a game for Nintendo switch?

I am trying to crate a game for the Nintendo switch, I wanted to use Java as I am comfortable with that programming language. Can you use Java to crate a game for Nintendo switch? Thanks!


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In short: No.

In long: Java has a sizeable runtime that that alone is larger than almost every nintendo switch game’s runnable code, combined with the fact of having a GC would cause unending hitches on that much slower hardware. There’s a reason assembly, C, and C++ are used on the switch and only just about that. You ‘might’ be able to do very simple java or python things, but you will quickly run in to performance issues.

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As an aside, if you want to program homebrew for the nintendo switch (or official API if you can afford it), Rust is a language that is significantly safer and easier to use bugless than C or C++ and it can compile to the Switch, there are a few community made libraries that make it fairly simple to use I hear but never tried them.