Can I combine In-App purchases and ApplePay in same app?

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we want to develop an iPhone IOS app that will have 3 sections/uses and we would like your opinion if it can all be done and allowed by Apple within the same IOS App, namely:
Section A) Unlocking of Premium software features within the App: This is quite straightforward, as per Apple’s guidelines, this has to be through In-App Purchases.
Section B) Selling of an insurance package to end-user:
Section C) And finally, we want to incorporate in the same app, an eStore for the sale of related merchandise:

Question 1) Can In-App Purchase and Apple Pay be used in the same iOS App?
Question 2) For Section B-Insurance. Can ApplePay be used as it is forbidden as an In-App purchase as per Apple’s guidelines?
Question 3) Another requirement would be that pursuant to the sale of the insurance package, we would need to unlock without any charge the Premium features above, can this be done remotely via our back-end or will it be seen by Apple as a way to circumvent the In-App Purchase process if the premium features were paid via ApplePay?
Question 4) For the eStore, I presume that ApplePay or any other payment provider could do the job here?

Any guidance/comments would be greatly appreciated.

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