California's electricity rates will shift to a fixed fee based on income

Californians will see lower electricity rates and a new fee that won’t vary with power use.
California electricity rates will shift to a fixed fee starting in 2025. Most Californians won’t see much change, or will have a lower bill.

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Is this a good idea? Is this implemented anywhere else in the world?

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Not sure, but it seems interesting and could be fair - so long as they differentiate the very top earners and don’t just bracket them in to ‘high’ earners.

California’s electricity rates will shift to a fixed fee based on income

Am I the only one seeing homeless people suddenly owning a flat which contains some kind of farm? Just think about it … if “under the table” you pay someone who’s a money mule then you have an amazing farm when depending on the type you only have to pay only for hardware or plants and you have energy-free farm “registered” on some homeless. Since politics often are affecting people live so far that they even become homeless then I believe that there could be thousands if not millions of people who want to participate in such a “business” taking all the risk as in worst case they would be in prison with free food and a place for sleep.

Making rates based on your income is extremely unfair and terrible for a market. People could start even reporting smaller income or higher costs trying to make fees as small as possible. People would think again about relocation to California just to not overcomplicate things. After such actions people are surprised that others are relocating to a better place without such a stupid law. Unfortunately USA year after year is more worse for a live. They have so much more important problems like “zombie” cities, thousands of homeless campers, people who are working for a corporation and does not even have their own flat.

City Council Warsaw decided to introduce a method of charging fees based on the amount of water used. In theory fair, right? In practice? Think that people are not washing and taking care of their hygiene to make fess smaller.

Why they want to shift something based on something completely unrelated? There is only one reason i.e. money. Why covering a cost and huge margin when people can pay few times more, because they have a bigger income? The worst thing is that such actions affects almost only poor people. Who would firstly relocate someone who’s spending are at the salary limit or someone who can buy a palace if they want to?

Same goes for a changes with food prices. In theory rich people pay much more money for their food, but in practice the overall percent is way smaller for rich people, so when a tax on food would be raised a poor people can bankrupt and at the same time rich people may not even notice such a change.