C# Concurrency (Manning)

C# Concurrency: Asynchronous and Multithreaded Programming teaches you to harness the power of multithreading and async/await to get maximum speed from your code. Nir Dobovizki, a seasoned C# veteran with over 30 years of high-performance programming experience, is here to share his deep knowledge and expert techniques with you. Say goodbye to frustrating pitfalls and impossible-to-find bugs that slow down your applications.

Nir Dobovizki

Nir’s careful approach will teach you how to navigate these challenges with ease, allowing you to achieve lightning-fast performance like never before!

Concurrency is a developers’ secret weapon for maximizing an application’s performance. Using asynchronous and multithreaded programming techniques, you can seamlessly execute multiple tasks simultaneously, without sacrificing speed or quality. However, concurrency is notoriously challenging to implement correctly due to the potential for race conditions, deadlocks, and other synchronization issues, and even an experienced developer can make mistakes that undermine their code’s speed and introduce bugs that take forever to find.

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I’ll probably get this book, or win a copy :slight_smile:. I really haven’t delved deeply into doing multithreading in C#. And I might need to maintain a legacy code in the coming months that uses multithreading.

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