Build Your Own Robot (Manning)

Build Your Own Robot introduces you to the exciting world of robotics. Your robot isn’t just theory. Beginning in chapter 2 you’ll write code to make your robot move and respond to touch sensors. The book gives accessible advice on available hardware and free open source software that makes creating a robot fun and affordable. You’ll soon be playing with a machine that can take photos, fetch items, search for a QR code, and more!

Marwan Alsabbagh

Build Your Own Robot is a DIY guide for bringing your first Python-based robots to life. Start with the basics, teaching your new friend how to spin, move around, and find its way. You’ll then quickly progress to controlling your robot remotely using your phone, computer, or joystick. You’ll even set up a camera to broadcast what it sees right to your computer screen.

Clever computer vision tricks will get your bot tracking faces, looking for QR codes, and maybe even fetching some snacks.

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