Build Talking Apps for Alexa: You’ll want to be sure to register this new intent handler with the skill builder, just like we did with “HelloWorldIntentHandler”. (page 61)


I don’t think we did register the intent handler for “HelloWorldIntentHandler” yet.

Well, technically, we didn’t have to because the Hello World template already did that for us. But it was discussed on page 17 near the bottom. (I might be working off of a slightly different PDF, so if the page number doesn’t line up, it’s definitely under the section titled “Handling Requests”.)

My lack of knowledge comes from seeing that HelloWorldIntentHandler and StandardHandlers have apparently been split off into separate files with associated changes to index.js without a discussion on how that happened. My solution was to go to the downloaded code and look in the “slots” folder to see the changes that were made. I then copied the files to my project to get in sync with the book.