Build Talking Apps for Alexa: amazon dev account confusion (chap 1 Installing the ASK CLI)

Just purchased the book 2 days ago, and already have the sample going, Which means GREAT JOB!!!

However, I did get hung up for a bit on the developer account. I thought I needed one separate from both my personal (shopping) account and my AWS account based on:

If you’ve not yet created an Amazon developer account, you’ll need to do so by clicking the “Create your Amazon Developer account” button on the sign-in screen.

Amazon doesn’t have any good docs on this, but a breakout box with some suggestions may benefit future readers. Something like (I’m not a writer):

If you already have an Amazon (shopping) account, you may want to add developer account capabilities to your existing account. If you do, then the skills you develop will be immediately available in your account. Just use your existing account credentials, and you will be set.

If you want to create a separate account, note that you’ll need a separate mobile phone number from the one you used with your Amazon Shopping account.

Thanks again for a solid book! Now I can work on a custom skill for my inlaws!

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Good suggestion. I’ll add a little something to chapter 1 to indicate that you can use your existing Amazon shopping account.

Also, I’m glad that you can now start building a skill for your family.