Build it with Phoenix, deps versions

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Build it with Phoenix is a nice course by Geoffrey Lessel @geo. But if you start with Phoenix 1.7.2 or even 1.7.0, you’ll get stuck at video 7.

So please start with installing the archive for 1.7.0-rc.2.

mix archive.install hex phx_new 1.7.0-rc.2

How long is the course? Is it worth the price?

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“26 videos totalling 2 hours and 43 minutes (with more to come!)”

I have completed only one third of the course so far, and although it starts off slowly, I am confident that the remaining content will be fantastic. Geoffrey Lessel, the trainer, is undeniably talented, which gives me high hopes for the rest of the course. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that he has plans to add more videos.