Bristol biotech company uses linoleic acid as pan coronavirus antiviral

There is no home therapeutic treatment for COVID-19 patients, and similarly no prophylactic treatment for at risk patients (elderly, disease preconditions, track and trace “proximity positive” individuals, family members of positive cases).

Our vision is to solve this urgent unmet medical need by providing safe pan coronavirus antivirals which can be applied by COVID-19 patients by themselves, at home…

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Smells like snake oil to me, and doesn’t seem to have any relation to the topic of this forum. How did this get (and stay) here?

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We did have a biotech section but I merged it into the heath and diet section :smiley:

As biotech (and much of the health industry) is related to tech in general now, and how this site is very community focused (so where health and mental health matters to us) along with how popular some of our health threads are, I think it’s a decent complementary topic :blush:

With regards to the topic of this thread, many natural substances have excellent anti-microbial (as well as lots of other medicinal) properties and many of these have been studied. Red wine is effective against common bugs like H Pylori for example, garlic against Candida and other fungal infections. Neem bark is just as effective as the ‘leading’ PPIs (yet, also acts as an anti microbial so mitigates the effect of shutting off one of your primary defences against ingesting microbes!).

The list goes on and on and I personally think the area needs much more research. I feel natural substances are often better than synthetic alternatives or what big pharma are usually trying to push just for profit.