Blog on using binary WebSocket messages with Elixir & Phoenix

So you’re enjoying using WebSockets with Elixir’s Phoenix Framework, and you want to send some binary messages. Maybe it’s an audio clip, some images, or something else. What you going to do?

Maybe step away from the Base.encode64/2. Maybe use WebSocket protocol’s binary messages instead. It’s a bit off the beaten track but not that hard, and I’ve written up how to get started in this blog post.

PS this is my first post here, trying to follow these instructions - someone let me know if I’ve got something wrong.


Looks good to me Paul! The only thing you could do differently is when you start creating a thread, paste the link into the title field first as this will add the link as a ‘featured link’ to your thread - these show on our homepage and go some way towards your SEO as we currently don’t add a rel-nofollow to user-submitted blog posts :sunglasses: (I will add it manually for you now…)

Also congratulations on the sale of Cultivate! Goes to show what a brilliant consultancy you had built up! I hope they’ll start porting over their main system to Elixir/Erlang at some point - from what I’ve seen of their success it sounds like they would make great use of the BEAM, haha!

Great post - thanks for sharing! :blush:

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Brilliant - thanks so much and will do in future.

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