Best iPad apps for web devs / programmers?

Doesn’t have to be for coding, but just apps you’ve found useful; :smiley:

I think this is great:

The thing I like most about it is how it lets you mimic various iPads - I know Chrome does too, but with this you are using (I presume anyway) the Safari engine, so it should be a very authentic experience and pretty much the same as using any of those devices directly. Well worth the money :023:

Built in Notes app is also one of my most used apps - it’s so easy working on something and easily being able to switch to it from your computer to your iPad or even iPhone.

Taking notes with the Pencil could be better tho. I am forever tapping just to the right of a word (because I want it the cursor there) but it just does weird stuff, like highlight the word! Also I think they could make it a lot smarter, for example when you’re typing something like <div... it should be smart enough to know you want to type things like center and it for not to be changed to centre! But maybe that’s a rant best saved for another thread :lol:

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