Best headphones for development?

Hi there! I have some old Bose in ear noise cancelling headphones that have worked like a champ for the past 3 years and was maybe due for an upgrade to treat myself :smiley:

Since I haven’t purchased headphones in a while I was wondering which ones you guys recommend. I use headphones almost everyday so music quality is pretty important for me as well as noise cancelling abilities (working in a studio with my partner and those dang open offices). Thanks for the help and look forward to hearing from you guys!


If you don’t need them for reference (i.e music/audio production) any relatively high-end headphones from Sony will be a fantastic choice imo. Their DSPs and digital amps are amazing.

I have the Sony WI-H700 - though I don’t use headphones for dev as I prefer a good pair of speakers, amp and subwoofer :nerd:

Check out this thread too:

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Ahh cool I’ll check that thread out! :smiley: