Bertrand Meyer et al.: The concept of class invariant in OO programming

The concept of class invariant in object-oriented programming.
Class invariants – consistency constraints preserved by every operation on
objects of a given type – are fundamental to building, understanding and
verifying object-oriented programs. For verification, however, they raise
difficulties, which have not yet received a generally accepted solution. The
present work introduces a proof rule meant to address these issues and allow
verification tools to benefit from invariants. It clarifies the notion of
invariant and identifies the three associated problems: callbacks, furtive
access and reference leak. As an example, the 2016 Ethereum DAO bug, in which
$50 million were stolen, resulted from a callback invalidating an invariant.
The discussion starts with a simplified model of computation and an
associated proof rule, demonstrating its soundness. It then removes one by one
the three simplifying assumptions, each removal raising one of the three
issues, and leading to a corresponding adaptation to the proof rule. The final
version of the rule can tackle tricky examples, including “challenge problems”
listed in the literature.

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