Are there any sites to help with UX design skills?

Hello everyone, is there a website or app that I can use to improve my self
Like where there are UI UX designs to practice with and then post it for people to comment in order to improve my frontend development skills.


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I’m not sure if there’s anywhere like specifically for UX/UI design but in terms of courses Udemy might be worth a look?

Or these on YouTube:

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You could try just putting up a web site with your proposed design, and ask people here to comment on it. (Or maybe in some design forum, if they’re not sick of such requests.)

Or just have it do something worthwhile, mention it, and people will go give you feedback. I recently launched, as a home for the mead-making calculators, advice, and other stuff I had been putting on my regular coding-business page, mentioned it in a mead-making forum, and got some free design advice. :slight_smile:


I don’t know about an app but I really enjoyed Steve Krug’s book “Don’t Make Me Think”