Apple's One More Thing event (Nov 10 2020)

Just over an hour to go… anyone going to be watching it?

New Macs? :nerd_face:

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It’s on :+1:

New Mac mini
New 13" MBP

All with their new M1 chip and said to be 3x faster with significantly longer battery life. Look good, but will they be stable? I think in a years time they should be, with most of the bugs ironed out.

I might get one when they’re at M4 :nerd_face:

I feel the pricing makes for a very good experience at a very accessible price. I think an Air is a great starting point for aspiring programmers and designers alike. Just upgrade the memory and maybe the storage and you’re ready to go.

When I started programming I felt as if I couldn’t even think about purchasing anything less than a MacBook Pro. And though purchased refurbished, it was still a chunk.

You could even go for a Mini if you knew you didn’t need the portability.

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Definitely :+1: I used a tiny 11" MBA for years and I loved it. I mainly used it with an external monitor but I loved how I could take it pretty much anywhere.

The most powerful Mac I’ve had is a Mac Pro, the one I loved most (at least to begin with) was my MBA because it felt like such a personal computer - but I love my new 16" MBP most now: thanks to its smaller bezels, great performance and USB-C connectivity and speed for things like external HDs - it’s much closer to a Mac Pro experience and the ease of docking it (just one cable) and it gets charged, powers my display to which I have external HDs connected (for TM backups) my amplifier, and an iPhone cable and a standard mini-USB for things like my Kindle. It just feels like the best of all worlds.

Only thing I want is a new Apple Pro Display, but I doubt that will be happening any time soon due to how much they cost! :rofl:

Just found the time to go through the presentation. Interesting stuff. Am I right that the only difference between the MBA and the MBP is the cooling fan, enabling the MBP to run longer?

I’ve been burnt almost every time I’ve bought a Mac right out of the gate, without giving things a few months to cool off - even this 16" MBP had to go back for repairs - but the performance increases Apple is claiming are pretty dramatic. I’m very curious to see how the new M1 MBP benchmarks vs. my 16" Intel MBP.

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Good point - I don’t recall any mentions of differences but I am guessing they will be in RAM and HD size… and there might even be differences in the display as well.

I would probably wait at least one year - if it is going to be your full time machine. I don’t think the performance will come close to your 16" MBP as it has a dedicated GPU and probably a lot more RAM and a big HD.

Order one Greg and let us know what you think - you can always send it back if you don’t like it :laughing: