Apple's apps bypass firewalls like LittleSnitch and LuLu on MacOS

So it seems that Apple removed the network firewall API a while back and replaced it with another, firewall apps adapted, and come to find out the Apple official apps are bypassing that new interface in full, so the Firewall sees nothing.

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From the first comment:

Some people are smart, informed developers that install a trusted tool to monitor their traffic and have legitimate reasons to want to inspect Apple traffic. They’re dismayed.

Most people are the opposite and this move protects the most sensitive data from being easily scooped up or muddled in easily installed apps, or at least easily installed apps that don’t use zero days.

Then why can’t Apple just add something like LittleSnitch which allows us to decide? They are already doing this for things like giving apps access to certain files and folders by specifically asking for permission. Maybe it’s about time Apple offered us an ‘expert’ mode - and stopped lumping all users together?

For the most part I give apps zero access to the internet unless it’s something like a browser (and even then I do it per session if it’s not my regular browser). I find it really annoying when some apps want to periodically check their licence key too - they should only need to check it once per install or update. I really dislike the way apps collect data about us like its ok - it’s not.

This is one of the reasons I am not keen on VSCode - it keeps dialing out even tho I have turned off all the auto-updates etc (and also why I am thinking about giving Onivim a go).

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