Apple WWDC21 - live now

Anything good?


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Universal control looks cool - but, what happens when I drag a file from an ipad to my Mac? Is it sent to Apple’s servers at all? (ie done via the cloud - uploaded to cloud first then downloaded onto the mac)?

We need them to be more specific about privacy and when/where they get sent to or through their servers etc…

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Safari update looks good :heart_eyes: and I’m so glad they are adding something for people who have a million tabs open :upside_down_face:

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Talking about concurrency in Swift now - using actors

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Quick notes and better iPad multitasking were my favorites out of several (universal control, safari improvements etc). Also really happy to see that they are continuing on the privacy efforts.

For universal control I am guessing they are using the same technology as sidecar which already exists, it uses Bluetooth for initial connection and then sets up a point-to-point WiFi network between the devices.