Apple sees biggest fall in sales for a year

Apple’s boss fought back doubts over the firm’s future growth.

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Seems like the Vision Pro demand and sales are very weak.

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They’ve gotten too expensive, so people are upgrading less often - can’t say I blame them. I hold off for as long as I can as well now :upside_down_face:

Most of their devices are too expensive and too restricted for power users.

Why would I buy their new iPad model when I have the last year model ? I see nothing compelling in the new model. Until they will let people do proper development on these ridiculously powerful devices it will remain a media consuming device.

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Exactly, where I live most apple users only buy second hand products, because the new ones are extremely expensive when compared to the common wage.

And even the second hand costs the same of a brand new “non apple product”

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People are getting wiser.