Apple M1 Mac Reviews

I haven’t heard the fan in the MacBook yet. :sweat_smile:

It’s quite nice, but also much the same (thankfully)


What spec was your 16" MBP Ohm? How does it compare?

Old MacBook Pro:

macOS Catalina (10.15.6)
2.7 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7
16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3
Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655 1536 MB

New MacBook Pro:

macOS Big Sur (11.1)
Apple M1
Apple M1

It seems to run my quick Ruby benchmarks a bit faster (56s vs 47s), however, that is the same Ruby (2.7.2) run through Rosetta 2 on the new MacBook Pro.

Benchmark was just some random stuff:

require 'benchmark'

input = ('a'..'z').map { |letter| [letter, letter] }.to_h

puts Benchmark.measure {
  10_000_000.times do { |key, value| [key.to_sym, value] }.to_h

Oh, and the old MacBook Pro had to boot up the fan, while the new one stayed completely silent! :angel:


How old was the old MBP and was it 15"? For some reason I thought you had a newer 16"?

16GB Ram is pushing it for a Mac these days - I have 64GB and some days it feels like I’m back on my MBA with 8GB!! :rofl:

It’s a 13" 2018 MBP.

My new one is also 13" (It’s the size that I rock!)

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Ah right I have no idea why I thought you had a 16" MBP :upside_down_face:

Isn’t it great that we can use tiny computers to do so much? I used to love my little 11" MBA and held on to it for as long as I could. I still have it, but the battery is totally knackered now!

Right there with you. My all time favorite was the MB12 with the MBA11 a close second.

The new MBA13 is less of a perfect fit form wise but it has other redeeming factors (all of the in fact).


@Hallski how’s the perf difference for Elixir?


I don’t have any extensive tests but all the code I’ve tried (this years AoC) seems to run at roughly twice the speed on the M1 compared to my old MBP 13" 2017.


M1 looks super intriguing. I’ve been thinking about getting back on the mac, but does anyone know how well Docker works with M1 or in general these days?

I had an Intel mac earlier and it seemed like Docker desktop constantly ran at ~8% cpu even when it was idle. It does no such thing on Windows/Linux.

Docker desktop is just super handy for some tools like Minio for quickly setting up a local object storage for dev.

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Apparently Docker recently released a preview version working on M1.

I haven’t tried it out, but might tomorrow.

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If anyone wants to run Java natively on Apple Silicon - Azul OpenJDK has a build of Java 13 for macOS AARCH64. I did a quick test and it works.

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Docker has been running all day with a redis server running in a container.

It’s not even registering in the Activity Monitor, but has been at around 2.3% the entire time. This process also lies around 2.5 GB memory as well, but this might just be reserved space.


I heard the fan for a brief moment yesterday. I was running Postgres, a Rails app, Docker (with Redis running), Chrome with 20 tabs (one playing video, YouTube) and Steam running Oxygen Not Included at 60fps.

The fan turned on and spun up for a minute or so and then stopped again. :exploding_head:


Well my fan spins up now even when I have Discord’s web app open in Safari - it’s a React app :rofl:

I still think Apple are throttling older Macs now - when I first got this one it was amazing, apps opened instantly, fans rarely came on (tho fans rarely come on now too mind - sans Discord!) but now it takes what feels like forever to open apps (but maybe that’s cos they still haven’t fixed it calling home before launching apps) and just doesn’t feel like what it used to feel like - and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be as snappy as it was given its specs. I can only conclude that either Apple have become extremely careless (unlikely given they are the richest company in the world) or they are purposely throttling older Macs because they want Mac owners to become more like iPhone owners - to upgrade every couple of years. It’s really making me go off Apple :triumph:

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Thanks for testing it out. :heart: Started thinking about getting one but then i found this thread which made me think I should wait a bit more. :sweat_smile:


I still haven’t heard the fan more than that one time.

I currently have Slack, VSCode, PostgreSQL, Docker (running Redis), a Rails app, Chrome with ~30 tabs, Notion (Electron app) and a bunch more running. :sweat_smile:

I am so happy for this little machine! :heart:


Well if Apple haven’t fixed all the issues with Big Sur and my 2016" MBP I am going to ask them for a refund and get one like yours!! :nerd_face: (Although my Mac is just over a year old now so I am expecting a long drawn out battle with them :cry:)

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I tried a Mac Mini this week. I think @AstonJ already mentioned elsewhere that the first impression after booting up a Mac is really bad. I guess it syncs iCloud or something in the background and makes doing anything feel really sluggish. After the sync is done the Mac Mini is quite a nice machine.

I just don’t get OS X and the lack of feedback yet, as an example a simple thing like surfing to a URL in Safari gives no feedback until the server is connected. So you write down the address and press enter and hope for something to happen. After a while the server connects and you get the progress bar for loading the website, I just wish it happened instantly after I press enter.

Absolutely love my iPhone, iPads and Apple TV though. :smiley:

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Congrats RDT :+1:

The initial slow down may be because you’ve just turned on firevault and because spotlight will have started indexing all your files - it does this after major upgrades.

If you haven’t turned on the firewall and firevault… you will probably want to :smiley: (system prefs > security)