Apple M1 Mac Reviews

The reviews are coming in - if you spot any or have a review of your own, please add it :nerd_face:

@ohm will be pleased, they seem to be pretty positive so far!

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These look really awesome! Even though the MacBook Pro is not very pro, in reality my current MacBook Pro 13 only has 16 gigs of ram and two usb c ports. So it sounds like for some devs the performance would still be better depending on your needs.

I use docker for work and that is currently a no go. Not to mention that it sounds like chrome, slack and other similar apps will of course be just as piggish. :neutral_face:


Couple more:

And a quick demo :rofl:

I’d definitely wait for now - unless it’s going to be your second machine or you know it’ll be able to run everything you need it to.

In terms of performance, it seems a lot more ‘pro’ than the old 13" MBPs :joy:

Can’t wait to see the proper pro machines - like 16" MBP, Mac Pros, iMacs and hopefully the mid range monitor-less desktop that has been rumoured…


Yeah that’s true I can’t do anything near that performant on my 13".

Maybe something at least a little more affordable than a iMac Pro; plus a the ability to expand/upgrade. :heart_eyes: Perhaps just a rumor but I can dream. :upside_down_face:


The 13" MBP’s are not bad tbh - I used a 11" MBA for years! I loved that little machine :nerd_face:

My first Mac was actually a cheesegrater Mac Pro, it was a beast of a machine but I didn’t like being tied to my desk all day. That’s what I loved about the MBA, it was such a personal machine - you could literally take it anywhere.

I think my 16" hits the sweet spot, it’s good enough to use without an external monitor and powerful enough to use with multiple 5K or 2 6K monitors. It’s become my favourite now, particularly since they reduced the bezels.

I’m really looking forward to seeing Apple bring out higher end units with these chips - I just hope the desktop version will allow users to upgrade their own RAM etc…


Not really a review but basically what most people have been saying…

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Yeah, I’m looking forward to it! :computer: :apple:


Got mine last week! :computer:

It’s blazing fast! Like, incredibly.

Of course, there’s a lot of development tools that still can’t be run natively, so most of what I do run through Rosetta 2, but even then it’s fast.


Got my MBA earlier this week and even after reading a lot about it I’m blown away.

I had to reach for experimental VSCode for native support and haven’t got neovim and ripgrep to compile natively. But luckily for Advent of Code, Elixir/Erlang is native so everything runs twice as fast for that :slight_smile:.


Lucky sods! :stuck_out_tongue:

How is the Ruby dev env Ohm? I upgraded to 11.1 but whenever I start a Rails console it still uses 100% of my cpu :triumph: think I’m gonna have to do another clean install.

That’s awesome Hallski!

I am wondering whether part of how people are perceiving the speed difference is due to Apple throttling ‘older’ (non Apple silicon) Macs. When I got this 16" MBP just over a year ago it was blazing fast - apps would open almost instantly, now there is a tangible difference/lag. There’s no reason why there should be - this machine has 64GB of RAM and a dedicated GPU and a fairly decent CPU. I am going to keep reporting these issues to Apple as bugs until they do something about it - wish me luck :upside_down_face:

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I haven’t heard the fan in the MacBook yet. :sweat_smile:

It’s quite nice, but also much the same (thankfully)


What spec was your 16" MBP Ohm? How does it compare?

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Old MacBook Pro:

macOS Catalina (10.15.6)
2.7 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7
16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3
Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655 1536 MB

New MacBook Pro:

macOS Big Sur (11.1)
Apple M1
Apple M1

It seems to run my quick Ruby benchmarks a bit faster (56s vs 47s), however, that is the same Ruby (2.7.2) run through Rosetta 2 on the new MacBook Pro.

Benchmark was just some random stuff:

require 'benchmark'

input = ('a'..'z').map { |letter| [letter, letter] }.to_h

puts Benchmark.measure {
  10_000_000.times do { |key, value| [key.to_sym, value] }.to_h

Oh, and the old MacBook Pro had to boot up the fan, while the new one stayed completely silent! :angel:


How old was the old MBP and was it 15"? For some reason I thought you had a newer 16"?

16GB Ram is pushing it for a Mac these days - I have 64GB and some days it feels like I’m back on my MBA with 8GB!! :rofl:

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It’s a 13" 2018 MBP.

My new one is also 13" (It’s the size that I rock!)


Ah right I have no idea why I thought you had a 16" MBP :upside_down_face:

Isn’t it great that we can use tiny computers to do so much? I used to love my little 11" MBA and held on to it for as long as I could. I still have it, but the battery is totally knackered now!

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Right there with you. My all time favorite was the MB12 with the MBA11 a close second.

The new MBA13 is less of a perfect fit form wise but it has other redeeming factors (all of the in fact).


@Hallski how’s the perf difference for Elixir?