Apple Game Frameworks and Technologies: Screen image may be wrong (p 13)

Working through the steps (checking that the Info,plist matches exactly), run the demo game and what appears is grey but does not fill the landscape screen when run in the simulator against an iPhone 11 Pro Max (as recommended earlier in the text). This may be an Xcode related problem. I have noted occasional problems with the menu bar not going away but this time the actual grey box is not filling the screen - it actually looks like a scaled down iPad screen. It works correctly on any of the iPads that I tested.

Xcode 12.0 beta 4 on MacOS 11 (20A5343i)


Same comment applies to the screen shot on p15 - it is still the aspect ratio of an iPad with black bars to the left and right.


Adding the debug on scene.size - the 11 Pro Max reports 480x320, iPad Pro 12.9" reports 1024x768, iPhone 11 Pro (not Max, real phone) reports 480x320.


Hey, there! Sorry for the delayed response. I thought I had notifications set up for Devtalk, but I guess not.

Anyway, with Xcode 12, at least the beta version, you’ll need to add a new plist entry, “Launch screen interface file base name”. You can either add this entry and set its value to “Main” or create a custom LaunchScreen.storyboard file and set its value to “LaunchScreen”.

If that doesn’t work, let me know. I may have misunderstood the problem/question.


I’ve also created a bug with Apple that the game template doesn’t set itself up correctly. The multi-target game template does, so I think it’s just a miss on their part, or they can’t decide whether they want to use a launch storyboard or the new info plist dictionary to set it up.


Yeah, I’m holding off on finalizing the Xcode 12 stuff until its full release. You just never know with bleeding edge tech how it’ll shake out. However, I do keep testing against Xcode 12 beta to make sure things still work as I go.

FWIW: I had that Xcode 12 aside in the later Scene Editor chapter, but I never added it to the earlier chapter. I have since added it, though, so thanks for reporting it to me.

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