Apple and Intel first to use TSMC 3nm

Apple and Intel will be the first customers for TSMC’s 3nm process, reports the Nikkei, with Intel securing the higher volume.

The process is due to enter production in H2 2022.

Compared to 5nm, the 3nm process, has a 10-15% speed improvement at the same power or a power reduction of 25-30% at the same speed, with a logic density improvement of 1.7x, an SRAM density improvement of 1.2x and an analogue density improvement of 1.1x.

It is thought that the iPad will be first to get 3nm chips with the next generation of iPhone using the 4nm half-node.

Intel is said to be initially using the 3nm node for notebook PC processors and datacentre CPUs.

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The upcoming M1 chip will have 3nm?


It’s beyond anyone’s guess. IMO they want the 3nm process for future MacBook Pros and Mac Pros (workstations). But only time will tell.


Now the question, would there actually be enough production for us to use it?

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Apple have bought a sizeable chunk of TSMC’s manufacturing capacity for quite some time in the future still.


Yeah that’s the issue, it’s not like I can use their hardware for anything I do so they are just starving people like me.

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