API Camp 2022 - 19 November in-person, Bangalore, India [FREE!]

API Camp is a full-day, in-person UNconference in Bangalore India for API Experts and Practitioners. It will provide a platform for practitioners to come together and share their experiences and in the process create an environment for the cross-pollination of ideas and techniques between various API styles.

What is an UNconference? It is run using the OpenSpace format. There are no speakers as such. To participate you submit a position paper; this outlines what your level of knowledge about APIs is, what challenges you have faced, what topic you want to explore at the event and what you can share with other participants. It is a collaborative event that delivers enormous value builds a stronger community.

Learn more about the event at apicamp.org

The submission deadline for Position papers is 30 October, 2022 at 11:59PM IST

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