Anyone else disappointed that the M1 iPad Pro can't run macOS?

Glad I am not the only one who thinks the above…


Yeah, I feel at this point Apple is just trying to squeeze more and more money and nothing much else. Pretty much the only innovation happens on iPhones (ultra-precise GPS and proximity sensors, plus LIDAR) and the upcoming Apple Watch 7 (even more personal health measurements) and the rest seems like “hey people, it’s us again, pay us $2000 for a tablet that does absolutely the same as your $700 tablet does”.

I still don’t regret using Apple devices because there’s literally no solid competition (unless you are willing to sink weeks and weeks into fine-tuning various Linux phones or, gods forbid, a Librem phone) but I can’t say that I am impressed by their offerings lately.

As mentioned before, I’ll gladly buy a MacBook Air M1 when I actually have a need for it but before that, meh. My 1st generation iPad Pro 10.5" is still a monster.


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Have split these into a dedicated thread as hopefully more people will see it here (and maybe even find the thread after searching for “M1 iPad run macOS”).

I think a lot of people would agree with you Dimi - and it’s a shame, because it is stalling progress and they’re not giving customers what customers actually want. One day, hopefully, companies will have principles higher than that of making money, but in the meantime those that do not are just leaving things open for others who do, to enter the space - and as much as many people have loved their Mac/Apple gear over the years, I think many would not hesitate to try something new that is comparable and fills those voids… whether they be technical or not.

I think most people are just hoping someone does it soon :joy:


I actually like the sandbox nature of the ipad over macos when it comes to certain activities. The UI experience of iPadOS is really optimized really well for touch and the smaller screen form factor. Since MacOS isn’t optimize for pointing with your fleshy finger I would think it would feel like a sub par system on both the iPad and the Mac.

I guess it’s debatable and there are probably a lot of people that would disagree, but I would say that it hasn’t worked out very well with window 10 on having one OS that’s trying to straddle a good desktop and a good touch/small form factor experience.


I guess I was hoping for iPad Pros to do both :blush: so when docked into a monitor and a wireless keyboard/mouse they basically become Macs running macOS, and then standalone (or dual) they use the standard iPad/iOS interface or a variation of it that allows people to run iOS/iPad apps if they are available or, if not and they absolutely must, the macOS version.

I’m sure that is something they could do - but it just boils down to whether they want to…

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The one reason Apple doesn’t invest in iPad Pro to run macOS is that it will probably kill the MacBooks; even though the iPad is more than capable of being very close to these machines, but it’s the most and best tablet until right now, unfortunately…


I believe that iPad Pro with iPadOS has a very long way to becoming a Apple laptop replacement.

On the hardware side, it doesn’t have enough USB-C ports, there’s no way to get a minimum of 16 GB RAM if one does opt for the 1 TB model, and there’s no keyboard that comes with the out of the box experience. Also, iPad Pro would be an absolute pain to work with even if you had Apple’s keyboard accessory. Try working with it on your lap.

On the software side, I believe Apple understands that even if they swapped macOS with iPadOS on iPad Pro most people would opt for macOS on MacBook Air or Pro. Why? Again, it’s not very usable if one wants to work on their actual lap. iPad Pro shines when consuming media content, held with one or two hands, and/or stationary on a desk using Apple’s keyboard accessory possible as a secondary monitor.

On the price side, I’m currently reviewing the Apple M1 MacBook Air with 16 GB RAM and 1 TB storage that costs $1861.18 including all taxes. Now, iPad Pro 12.9 with 1 TB storage, Wi-Fi + Cellular, Apple Pencil, and Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro 12.9‑inch cost with taxes is $2713.47.

In summary, if I want a laptop from Apple, then I’m simply going to get a laptop. On the other hand, if I’m needing a carry device for mostly consuming media, sending e-mails, cataloging all my PDFs and EPubs, and very light on doing actual work, then I would definitely opt for an iPad Pro.