Any tips on trying a paleo diet?

…But I’ve been doing my own experiments lately and I found that severely reduced carbs and sugar (even skipping on fruits!) is giving me a boost energy so until I fiinish all the lab examinations that my doctor wants me to do, and before I consult an actual dietitian, this is what I’ll stick to.

Do you have a good guide on paleo diet?


It shouldn’t do - for example you can put salmon and some veg in the steamer (takes literally 2 minutes) then 5 minutes before it’s done chop up some salad :smiley:

Another staple is just lobbing stuff in the oven (takes about 5 mins) then an hour later some veg in the steamer (if needed) and then 20 mins later it’s all done :smiley:

While I love cooking, I don’t have time to spend hours slaving over a meal, hence my staples like the above are easy without compromising on healthy.

The great thing about the paleo is that it is so popular that there are tons of recipes online - that’s why I always recommend it as a starting point. Then when you’ve been doing it for a while you can move on to the more hardcore stuff :smiley:

It’s also very simple - so, can include anything that is:

  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Veg
  • Nuts and seeds
  • A tiny bit of fruit if need be

Just try to keep things simple and not too far from what we may have eaten in a Palaeolithic era - in other words don’t use things like nut powders to make ‘bread’ - the majority of our ancestors wouldn’t have done that. They wouldn’t have eaten a lot of fruit either (and it wasn’t as sweet as our commercially produced fruit).

After a few weeks your taste will adjust too - sugar cravings will disappear and you will begin to notice how good ‘real’ food tastes - because artificial enhancers/crap won’t be messing with your tastebuds.

@OvermindDL1 might have some tips too! :smiley:


A friend of mine tells me the same, I think it’s time I start listening to you all…


We mostly do keto because my wife can stick to it, has the interesting effect of making her less hungry and less likely to snack by a large margin, not everyone reacts this way though and it’s just food for most.

But yeah, we eat an excessive amount of meat, due to the area we live in (more cows than humans), we have a quarter of a cow sitting in the garage deep freeze right now. ^.^

Grilling or Sous Vide (and a sear after) are my favorite ways to have steaks. Although, to be honest, ground beef is my favorite due to how versatile it is (blasphemous to so many steak eaters I know… ^.^; ).


@dimitarvp - exercising is vital, and combined with a healthy diet you just can’t loose !!

Sometimes I use an app called yuka which might be of interest.


You should!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah going into keto is often the case with paleo too (tho if people ‘abuse’ it by veering too far from what a traditional paleo diet might look like then they may not go into keto) - but paleo is still a good place to start due to its popularity and abundance of recipes online.

You are so lucky! We pay through the nose to get good quality beef here. Funny thing is Wales is full of sheep, but it gets exported so we don’t see cheap lamb here!!!

I agree with what many others think about body composition being 80% diet and 20% exercise - that exercise is still important even if just 20%. I definitely noticed the difference lifting weights and even though exercises like squats and deadlifts are hard, I never felt like not doing them - it’s like your body knows they’re good for you :nerd_face:


Ooo that really sucks and doesn’t really make sense… Local ranchers are very very happy to sell cows locally first as then they get all the profit (even after selling it to us at a discount they still get a lot more money in the end). ^.^;


We have a lot of red tape here - such as animals only being allowed to be slaughtered in registered abattoirs. Even farmers can’t slaughter their own animals for their own consumption afaik :scream:

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That seems crazy…

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Lately I’ve been severely dialling back my efforts on the gym equipment and have been moving almost all exercise to the “support your own weight” type. That means squats, planks, and various yoga poses that are like planks (meaning you have to maintain a pose while experiencing severe muscle/tendon load).

Not sure how to explain it yet but this has been MUCH better for me. I breathe more (and deeper), I sweat, and my body is feeling miles better afterwards. Lifting weights in any shape or form – that includes ALL gym equipment, not just barbells! – is just straining my heart, is making me breathe with great difficulty, and I feel various negative effects days after the gym session. I eventually get better and feel a bit more healthy but it’s a hell for like 3-4 days after each session (that’s why I never go to the gym more often than once every 6-7 days).

So I think at one point I might even cancel my gym membership. My wife and I have one solid lead to a woman yoga instructor who does personal (in our case, pair) sessions so we’re 99% likely to move to that format relatively soon.

That, combined with my pretty good memories of how to do tai-chi seems to have much better chance of actually making me feel more healthy. So I’m gradually changing how do I maintain myself physically.


I know! You can’t even buy ‘pure’ (ie raw/unpasteurised) milk here from supermarkets, and only from farms if certain conditions are met. It’s ridiculous - raw milk contains bacteria that helps break down… lactose! :upside_down_face:

Ah nice!

With regards to breathing/lung health, have you thought about getting some aromatherapy oils? Many of them are antimicrobial (I also assume you do not use ‘chemical’ perfumes/aftershaves etc).

I would start slow, but also, I would start with diet - get on a clean diet first before you do anything to ‘stress’ your body.

Walking is probably one of the easiest, most beneficial exercises you can do - and at a pace that suits you. Walk until you begin to feel tired then turn around, or start with a 5 minute walk and slowly increase the time.

But diet really is the key imo…

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