Annoying macOS bugs

Anyone else experience bugs with macOS?

I have two that are annoying me…

  1. Every now and again after waking from sleep, Safari CPU consumption goes through the roof! I have to force quite and restart for it to stop. (If you just quit normally then you have to go to history > reopen windows from last session to get all your tabs and windows back - force quitting seems to avoid this)

  2. The right hand side of the top menu bar keeps disappearing! This has only started happening after the most recent update!

Anyone else experiencing these or other bugs?


I barely use my MacBook Pro but I very often get 100% CPU after it wakes up – although it’s not only Safari, very often it’s the indexer, and sometimes other odd system services.

But yep, the Safari thing happened once on my iMac Pro as well. Took about 20 minutes for it to stop, was pretty strange but I was curious and left it alone to see if it will stop by itself. It did.

About the second point: nope, never. Maybe you have an older Mac with an NVIDIA GPU?


Not sure if its a bug per se, but one that gets to me is the mail app randomly deciding to open itself and show up in the middle of my screen. It’s interrupted many of my meetings…

Anyone else have that happen and know how to stop it?


I don’t mind it for the indexer or disk management, but Safari! That’s clearly a bug imo. I will have to submit it as a bug (fair play to them they are usually pretty good).

Re the Mac, it is a 16" MBP that’s about 6 months old, so I don’t think it’s down to the GPU. It started after this recent update :man_shrugging:

Sounds like it might be set to check email automatically, or is trying to send something that might be ‘stuck’? Other than that I would check:

  • System Prefs > Search > Login items (see if there’s anything under “these items will automatically start up after login”
  • System Prefs > Energy Saver > Wake for Wi-Fi network access (not sure if it would have any impact but it may be worth disabling it if you don’t need it, just to see if it makes a difference)
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Yeah, i’ve heard before its due to automatic mail checking… I’ll have to look into it again. Thanks for the reply!