Aglie Development with Rails 7 B3.0: Atom editor has been deprecated (p34)


On Chapter 1, Installing rails, you suggest a list of text editors.

Atom is the 2nd suggestion, but on it already states Atom has been deprecated and will be archived starting December 15th, so I suggest this suggestion should be removed.

I’ve never met a developer who said they use ActiveState’s Komodo IDE

I’ve only met Java developers who use NetBeans…

How many people are still using jEdit? Is that still a relevant suggestion?


  • VS Code
  • RubyMine
  • Sublime Text
  • TextMate
  • NeoVim

Note that in the last 2 years NeoVim has come a very long ways and when used in conjunction with a language server and a configuration like NvChad, NeoVim is actually far more powerful than VS Code can be, and far far faster.

All the rest is for you guys to think about… The Atom one seems like a clear removal though.