Agile Web Development with Rails 7: Page 118 : Test fails


Following through the book but using Rails 7.1.2.

When trying to run the test on page 118 I get -

ActiveRecord::RecordNotDestroyed: Failed to destroy Product with id=298486374
    app/controllers/products_controller.rb:52:in `destroy'
    test/controllers/products_controller_test.rb:58:in `block (2 levels) in <class:ProductsControllerTest>'
    test/controllers/products_controller_test.rb:57:in `block in <class:ProductsControllerTest>'

bin/rails test test/controllers/products_controller_test.rb:56

Finished in 0.706042s, 39.6577 runs/s, 86.3971 assertions/s.
28 runs, 61 assertions, 0 failures, 1 errors, 0 skips

Is this because of the different Rails version, or is this test not meant to pass?

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Got the same error also using Rails 7.1.2 with Ruby 3.3.0. Patched it using rescue, but would like to know the correct way to handle this.

test “can’t delete product in cart” do
assert_difference(“Product.count”, 0) do
delete product_url(products(:two))
rescue ActiveRecord::RecordNotDestroyed
assert true


I decided to write my test like this

  test "can't delete product in cart" do
    assert_raises(ActiveRecord::RecordNotDestroyed) do
      delete product_url(products(:two))

    assert Product.exists?(products(:two).id)


If you look in your scaffold generated ProductsController, you’ll notice that the destroy action now calls the strict @product.destroy! method. This change was introduced here: Use safer 'destroy!' in controller scaffolds · rails/rails@e87608e · GitHub