Agile Retrospectives, Second Edition: unreadable images and boxes on Kobo

I would like to note that reading the ePub on Kobo Aura

  • images (e.g.: chapter 6, Presenting Objective Data) are not fully visible and part of the image gets out of the screen border. See

  • “stories” (e.g.: cjapter 5, “Opportunities for Improvement, a.k.a., Get Something off Your Chest”) boxes are also partly cut on the right side and are not vertically fully readable (they are cut at the end of the page and moving to next page there’s the outside at the end of the story box). See

Sorry for your issues. It seems like we’re looking at some bugs or settings in the Kobo. We checked the last epub released on a couple of different devices and everything was scaling properly, both the image in chapter 6 and the sidebar in chapter 5. The first image isn’t in the current ebook version anymore.

Thanks @Margaret.
Just downloaded B5: as soon as I’ll find an USB cable to connect my Kobo and download the book, I’ll check it and reply here.

Hello, I’ve not forgot this.
I just have to find some time to check for it. Sorry.

I’m back: I was able to test the P1.0 version of the ePub file on my Kobo Aura!

As you can see, the picture I’ve shown above is still there and has the same issue as before.

There even are worst things, since now even the cover is not fine, both in “live” and “standby” modes:

Again, table and text boxes are outside the boundaries of the screen (sorry for the flash lights in the middle):

There’s even a really weird thing I’m not clear how it could happen: the final page of the book, the section “You May Be Interested …” appears in this way: