A "Virtually Unhackable" Quantum Internet

The new Quantum Internet:

This will be a parallel internet to the one we use today with the goal of making virtually impossible to eyes drop data in transit:

As such, it is not intended as a direct replacement for the internet as we know it. Instead, it would run in parallel as a supplementary network for the banking and health industries as well as serving the national security interest.


Will we be allowed to use it tho :smiling_imp:

Seriously tho, I wonder when we’ll see quantum computing that is actually viable - from my understanding it is quite a way off yet? Maybe @Qqwy has some thoughts :smiley:


That’s pretty dope and reminds me of the post-apocalyptic transhuman roleplaying game Eclipse Phase, where quantum encrypted communication across the solar system is a means of traveling from A to B (by sending your digitalized mind).


I’m sure that would be a good topic for a thread - what’s next for humanity or what comes after humans :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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For note, it’s not that it’s unhackable, but rather that if there is an intermediary listener then you know it, so you can stop sending encrypted data. This is still a huge boon.