A Pure HTTP/3 Alternative to MQTT-over-QUIC in Resource-Constrained IoT

A Pure HTTP/3 Alternative to MQTT-over-QUIC in Resource-Constrained IoT.
In this letter, we address the issue of scalable and timely dissemination of
information in resource-constrained IoT networks. The scalability is addressed
by adopting a publishsubscribe architecture. To address the timely
dissemination, we propose an HTTP/3 (H3) publish-subscribe solution that
exploits the wide-ranging improvements offered by H3. We evaluated our solution
by comparing it to a state-of-the-art work which maps MQTT to QUIC. Because
QUIC and H3 have been developed in tandem, we hypothesized that H3 would take
better advantage of QUIC transport than an MQTT mapping would. Performance,
network overhead, and device overhead were investigated for both
implementations. Our H3-based solution satisfied our timely dissemination
requirement by offering a key performance savings of 1 RoundTrip Time (RTT) for
publish messages to arrive at the broker. In IoT networks, with typically high
RTT, this savings is significant. On the other hand, we found that
MQTT-over-QUIC put marginally less strain over the network.

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