A Gentle Introduction on How to Use Anki to Improve Your Memory

A Gentle Introduction on How to Use Anki to Improve Your Memory.
In this gentle introduction you will learn how to use Anki to improve you memory and better remember what you learn with the power of spaced repetition…

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This is a brilliant article about spaced repetition learning - I think we’ve mentioned Anki and other learning techniques before but I actually took the time to read all of this article, definitely worth a read if you’re interested in learning techniques. I might even give Anki a go!

This is are a really goo tip - only add the stuff you actually want to learn:

A common failure mode when starting out is to start throwing things willy-nilly at it in the hopes that Anki will somehow get it all into your thick head. For example, many people start out by adding all the capitals of the world. That sounds like a fun thing to memorize, right?

Yet eventually they find that they never really cared about it in the first place, but now each time they open Anki they’re being asked to come up with with the name of those capitals. Because they don’t care that much about it, they don’t answer them correctly. Maybe they keep confusing Minsk with Ljubljana, or for the life of them they can’t come with with the name of the capital of Perú. And since they keep getting those questions wrong, Anki keeps showing the same cards to them over and over again, cards they don’t care about about things that hardly matter to them. They enter into a vicious loop, a loop that quickly saps away all the fun there is in learning cool new stuff.

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