A curated list of books on Software Architecture

People in the software industry have long argued about a definition of architecture. Ralph Johnson famously defined software architecture as “the important stuff (whatever that is).” I, subjectively, followed his definition while deciding whether or not to include a specific book.

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What is this?

This is NOT a recommendation list. When I made this, I intended for a comprehensive list excluding low-profile books—see inclusion criteria below. There was a simple reason behind that: I’m not a subject-matter expert on all these topics. In fact, I not a subject-matter expert on even a single topic of these. More importantly, I don’t know your experience level nor your preferences. Some people prefer theoretical over practical books (I do). Others prefer overview over comprehensive in-depth books. Some people even enjoy verbose over concise books or engaging over dry books or art-based over engineering-based books. Or and or and or.

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