8 Reasons to ditch Chrome and use Firefox

8 reasons to ditch Chrome and switch to Firefox.
Chrome may dominate, but Firefox is a known name among browsers for a reason. Whether you care about features, performance, or privacy, it could be a better fit for you.

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As a web developer, you need to still use all the main browsers. But for daily browsing, I now use Firefox.


For some reason Firefox feels always laggy on my laptop on linux. Not sure if it’s just the scrolling or many other interactions. I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what feels slow but it Edge and Chrome just feel more responsive for me.


didnt miss anything from chrome, either safari or firefox


Lots of good features in Safari that make it hard to leave, here’s two of my faves:

  • Autofills log-in codes sent via text message (for things like internet banking)
  • You can sync your tabs/bookmarks with other Apple devices

Chrome has a reputation for hogging system resources—namely RAM, but sometimes it also hits your CPU harder than expected, too. Google has taken steps to curtail these problems, but Firefox hasn’t had the same issues with regular memory leaks. It also generally goes light on system resources. Even when you begin piling on tabs and windows, browsing sessions don’t slow down.

I don’t know about this, on my system Firefox uses more resources than Chrome. At the moment, I use Opera GX which I can forcibly limit its CPU and RAM usage.


awesome post !


I don’t know of any browser other than extremely security conscious ones that don’t support both those (though for the second point it would sync to ‘all’ devices you use that browser on, not just one limited set)?

Firefox uses such substantially less RAM on my system than Chrome, by an excessive amount. Right now it’s using 7.6gigs with a few thousand tabs open (most sleeping) across 13 open windows. I can’t even open chrome with all this stuff without it being OOM killed…

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Do they work cross-device tho? So for instance I could be on my Mac and will get sent an auth code to my mobile, but I can still auto-fill it on my Mac. Same with iPad :smiley:

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I wish firefox on android was better.
Trying to use brave for the adblocking but its way worse than what I had with firefox + ublock.

Firefox can do that too

That sounds cool, I dont think firefox can do that.


How do you manage with the ads on YouTube? Do any adblockers block them? They’re so annoying! :lol:

Luckily on the Mac you can skip to the end of them via the play icon in the menu bar! :003:

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On the desktop Firefox + Ublock worked (works?) great.
On android it worked fine, but when I started also watching videos on my TV there was nothing I could do about the ads… so I just pay youtube premium now :money_with_wings: .


Auth code sent to mobile? I don’t do that horror, it’s insecure as hell! But yes, my whole android/linux setup does that too, but I sure as hell do not like codes being sent over SMS. FIDO and such only!

It’s very good for me? How is it not for you? I use a ton of extensions too with thousands of tabs on the mobile one as well… ^.^;

Firefox itself doesn’t but extensions fix that too.

What ads? I pay for youtube red (family thing) and I have the sponserblock extension for that stuff (plus ublock origin blocks the youtube level ads). ^.^

Huh? How would you skip a sponsor segment? Skipping to the end would skip the whole video.

And on mobile!

I pay for it for other reasons (the red bit is part of a bigger family pack of ‘stuff’), but even then, ublock and sponsorblock! ^.^

There’s… “fixes” for that too. :wink:

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Its not terrible, 99% of the time its great even.
But at some point this year if I multi-tasked away to other app, like to reply to some whatsapp message, when I came back to firefox it would almost always reload the page.

Its very possible that samsung battery management is messing up firefox here and making the app sleep, but this doesnt happen on any other browser and it was so annoying that I decided to give brave a try.

About brave and its adblocker: compared to FF+Ublock its garbage

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Sounds like it got evicted by the OS, you low on RAM or power? Samsung is well known at being a bit more eviction happy than it needs to be, in ways that don’t always make sense. And Samsung is also known for keeping certain apps around longer than others to make certain benchmarks faster that don’t translate to real world use either.

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Not exactly, I have a S20FE but I hate the under screen fingerprint reader.
Just ordered an iphone 13 mini for the wife, maybe I will get one for me if I like it (bye bye option to use firefox on mobile :sweat_smile:)


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It’s 2FA, so you have your usual username/password, and then it sends a code to your mobile to confirm it’s you. In banks it’s username, password, pick certain letters from a memorable word (say characters 2 and 5) and then a code sent to your mobile.

How is it insecure?

On desktop, I am used to Opera. I am not able to make the transition to Firefox or Chrome because of the rocker gestures and mouse gestures :smile:
On Android, I enjoy Opera too, but only because of the build-in dark mode for websites.

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I loved Opera… until they started to use the chrome engine!

Safari has most of the gestures I use now (perhaps arguably better)…

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