20 Intriguing, Unusual, and Goofy Programming Languages

Below is my curated list of 20 interesting, beautiful, and disorienting programming languages. Most of these are considered “esoteric” though some of them are actually used by serious programmers on a regular basis. See if you can tell which are which…

  1. brainfuck
  2. chicken
  3. legit
  4. Malbolge
  5. APL
  6. (D♭, D♭♭, and) Velato
  7. Piet
  8. Whitespace
  10. Unary Except Every Zero Is Replaced with the Title of This Programming Language or, Alternately, Is Replaced with the Smallest Counter-Example to the Goldbach Conjecture. Compilers and Interpreters Only Have to Implement the Former Option
  11. Seed (and Befunge)
  12. LISP
  13. Funciton
  14. ///
  15. Factory
  16. golfing languages
  17. languages with 2-dimensional source code
  18. languages which emphasise source code aesthetics
  19. languages built so that the source code looks like ___
  20. Q#

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