1x Programming

1x Programming.
It’s actually okay to be a 1x programmer. Or even a 0.7x programmer.
Programming is a tool, little more
It’s absolutely fine to treat programming like a tool, rather than something that has value in…

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I am not really a code ninja, or a hardcode programmer, so I guess I am just 1x programmer. I haven’t really worked on very complex applications in my years in the industry.


Too true, this is a saying I’ve been saying for years in a similar form, and way too many programmers don’t heed this:

Even if you’re coding for yourself, you’re still coding for a team. Your future self will not have the same cognitive context that you do currently. Therefore, you should always code in a way that respects the people who are following you.


@OvermindDL1 - 100% in agreement. I recently decided on a rule of thumb for reading code:

all code is written by someone else

I very much like the way he expresses this sentiment though :

Your future self will not have the same cognitive context…

@andrea - you have summed up my 25 years (and counting) programming career. I never worked on any complicated applications and therefore feel that I missed out on something that may have taken me to the next level.