100 Days Of More Or Less Modern CSS

100 Days Of More Or Less Modern CSS.
A blog post about modern CSS every day for 100 days.

Read in full here:

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This looks like it’s worth a read - even if just 1 a day :023:

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It is a pretty good tutorial for some old people like me. I know what kinds of CSS we can use nowsaday.


Is it really a problem if you subscribe “100 daily” tutorials like this one? :077:

This is how I see it:

  1. It’s short, so it’s perfect for short breaks
  2. It’s fully of :cut_of_meat:
  3. It supports RSS
  4. It’s daily
  5. Author includes examples

Conclusion: what else is needed here? :smiling_imp:

Good job! :+1:

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I’ve had it open in a tab since I posted but still haven’t gone further than the first one :icon_redface:

And if you are a JavaScript developer who wants to polish up on your CSS skills, this is a recommended course: https://css-for-js.dev
Although, it is not free…

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