I live in Japan. I used to be a fulltime software developer. Now I’m just an older feller. I still like to keep a close distance to software dev technologies. But, I teach English as a full time job.

I’m a programming language enthusiast in general. At the moment - most of that enthusiasm is spent in the realm of Elixir - and family. That should not be mistaken as being an expert at all. :slight_smile:

I used to be a full time instructor in the likes of

then later in life I really became interested in the more dynamic languages such as

As far as javascript, it deserves a lot of appreciation from a historical perspective in my opinion - but I would like to see our browsers move forward to something a bit more reliable. Something much more better than even Typescript.

I specifically became more interested in this space of languages around the time that Ruby on Rails came along. Until then, I really had no appreciation for those languages. But, now I do - I really do.

Then coming full circle I had to start tying the knots together by re-visiting old and dear languages - or new typed compiled languages. I think compiled languages or the road to the future. Some of these are -

However - having come full circle - I have found myself paying much closer attention to the pillars of languages. OO vs Functional. I tend to think that functional programming really has a lot to offer. I prefer typed languages over completely dynamic languages though.

Rust - what a beast !!! If it were just a tad - bit less symbol heavy. I think it’s going to have to become a bit more approachable first at least before mainstream game developers start to get really involved.

I’m mostly interested 3D modeling related stuff - Blender and related tools. Also, I think it would be really cool to write a compiler. Even a simple one. These two things are obviously unrelated. Just came to the top of my head.

Phew - I think I’ll stop here.

Talk to you later.