Your Mac Isn't Yours - worse, it spies on you and sends it home unencrypted

Check this:

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There are certainly questions that need to be answered by Apple.

I commented myself a while back how my fairly new MBP began to slow, and I guess this is to blame.

If you are a little bit cynical, you might be forgiven for thinking Apple will be able to use tactics like this to purposely slow down older macs - prompting people to upgrade more often. Maybe they are doing this already with the iPhone, as they certainly seem to get that little bit slower every 6 months or so…

A recent statement from Apple regarding these concerns:

In addition, over the the next year we will introduce several changes to our security checks:

  • A new encrypted protocol for Developer ID certificate revocation checks
  • Strong protections against server failure
  • A new preference for users to opt out of these security protections


A fairly good summary of events here for anyone who just wants to read a single article on the topic:

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It’s been removed :+1:

macOS Big Sur 11.2 beta 2, which was released yesterday, eliminates a feature that allowed Apple apps bypass third-party firewalls, security tools, and VPN apps, according to reports from ZDNet and security researcher Patrick Wardle.

‌macOS Big Sur‌ 11 included a ContentFilterExclusionList that let Apple’s apps like the App Store, Maps, iCloud, and more to avoid firewall and VPN apps that users had installed. These apps were not able to filter or inspect traffic for some built-in Apple apps.

Security researchers believed that the feature, found last October, was a major security risk as malware could be designed to latch on to a legitimate Apple app and bypass security software. Users who had VPNs installed also risked exposing their real IP address and location to Apple’s apps.

Facebook has created a new screen in its iOS app that will urge people to allow it to continue stalking their online activities for targeted advertising.

This is in response to Apple preparing to introduce a prompt that asks users whether or not they want to grant Facebook’s software permission to track them when they use other apps and websites.

I like this move from Apple :slight_smile:

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