Where do you get your tech/dev news?

I really like our #general-developer-forum:in-the-news section and am wondering whether we could automate some of the cross-posting of the more mainstream tech/dev news (probably go into a moderated section first then ‘approved’ if a good fit). So I’m wondering, where do you get your tech/dev news usually?

I generally get mine from forums like this or the tech section of The BBC website :smiley:


Biggest sources for me:

  • Hacker News (Generally whatever’s in the top 10)
  • Daring Fireball
  • Twitter

HackerNews and several Discourse forums – Elixir, Rust, OCaml.


Lobste.rs is also good


A bit specialized, but I subscribe to the Bulletproof TLS Newsletter by FeistyDuck, which is closely associated with SSL Labs.

For example, this is how I learned that one-year certificate lifetimes are coming next month.


Thanks for the replies everyone :+1:

I think DT is really suited to becoming a fantastic news hub, and I really like the idea of automating this as much as possible. So in addition to our language and framework (and later dev tools) news bots, I think we can add immense value by adding bots for general dev and tech news too.

The challenge will be ascertaining what is newsworthy or perhaps more importantly, a good fit for here (i.e of possible interest to developers) so I think the following could be a really good system:

  • Once a day we find news posted on sites like BBC News (their tech section), HN, Lobsters, key blogs, etc
  • Post these in a members-only section and if a member thinks something is interesting enough to click through to, we’ll automatically post a thread for that item for everyone else :nerd_face: So you get to decide what is/is not worthy :blush:

I love the idea of this!

Over time we can extend it to more sources and maybe even newsletters too - resulting in what could be a fantastic way to get the very best news on Devtalk :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


This is a great idea, @AstonJ!

Sources for tech that I check regularly include both professional and consumer content. I use Google News as my aggregator.

  • Ars Technica
  • TechCrunch
  • Engadget/Gizmodo
  • Computerworld, particularly JR Raphael’s Android column
  • UploadVR
  • Tech columns of general news orgs: BBC, NPR, CNN

Glad you like the idea BillyJo :nerd_face:

What site is NPR btw?

Some cool suggestions there! Great that they have RSS feeds as we’ll probably prioritise sites with RSS feeds as they should be the easiest to get the latest articles from :smiley:

NPR is an American public media company.


Primarily Reddit and HackerNews

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Any recommended subs?


devtalk news


I just follow some of the news’y ones for topics I like, as well as lot of specific ones like /r/rust and /r/elixir, it really just depends on your interests, there are subs for everything!


Ok added a few more, but only to be fetched once a day :nerd_face:

Tried to add TechCrunch but there seems to be an issue with their RSS feed:

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Any others that are developer centric? I don’t think Reddit has a dev news channel which shows most upvoted?


Oh my, I wonder how they messed that up… ^.^;

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Would somebody please invite me to Lobsters?!
Basically I want to bring some users from there to DevTalk. Questions like Go vs. Rust for back-end development, which one is the best?, may get better answers here.


HackerNews and Twitter.


HN started getting bad in the last months, I feel. Unpopular views are severely punished with downvotes and flags even if they are rather innocent and non-political, on the pretentious grounds of “no evidence” – and they often are things for which evidence is impossible to gather (like societal trends).

In the meantime deeply held beliefs for which there’s no evidence either but are innate to the cultural background of the average HN frequenter are upvoted and showered with approving comments.

It’s gradually becoming an echo chamber. I won’t claim anything in particular but I’ve been very disappointed with the quality of the HN discussions lately. (And I am not even talking about them downvoting me btw.)


I tend to check Hacker News and Reddit every morning and at least once a week devtalk.


is there any alternative to HN aside from lobste.rs?