What do you think about TypeScript?

I was watching this video by Richard Feldman (Elm core team) and he’s predicting TypeScript is going to take over the JS world:

I’ve heard lots of others say the same, there’s certainly a lot of hype around TS atm!

What are your thoughts? Have you used it? Will you?

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It’s obvious now that TypeScript is going to be a very big thing soon. Deno supports TypeScript as a first class language. Front end frameworks are adopting TypeScript, like Vue CLI now provides built in support for TypeScript. I have seen many people preferring to use TypeScript with Node.js.
Also, TypeScript is very similar to JavaScript, unlike other languages compiling to JavaScript.

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Nice, I didn’t know about Deno! We should put a portal up for it at some point :nerd:

This is a good blog post about TypeScript:

Also, this course looks good:

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