WASM Games Thread

Seen any cool WebAssembly games?

Please share them here :nerd_face:

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Share link for this tweet.

Here are demos/games I played:


Nice one @Eiji :+1:

Are any of those made with Rust? :nerd_face:

Also I couldn’t get any sound for any of them except for Solitaire Paradise and Crazy Games - does sound work for you?

Sound does not work in all of them for me as well … What’s interesting BananaBread which you did not mentioned worked for me. What’s even more interesting Funky Karts which does not works (sounds) on Firefox works on Chrome and it’s actually playing much better. Actually slower game this time is kind of hack.

Well … also regarding performance … may it be because I have hundreds of tabs in Firefox?

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Well on a Mac Funky Carts sounds works in FireFox :rofl:

Also BananaBread sounds did not work in Safari either, I just forgot to mention it :blush:

I have a lot of tabs open too, however I did notice the fans kick in and quite a bit of CPU and GPU resources taken by the games, even the simpler 2D ones on Crazy Games - which is a shame, I thought they wouldn’t be so resource intensive :confused:

Made with Rust :wink:


I just completed all levels :joy: that was fun!

Awesome that he made it in just two weeks and even more awesome that it’s made in Rust :+1: