Virtual Desktops (such as xrdesktop)

Honestly, what I want now is a standing desk, and a room-scale VR setup, don’t need monitors, just keyboard in reality and so forth, have my monitors in VR, as well as whatever else I want to get things done. Other things like some exercise equipment would be nice as well.

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That actually sounds really cool ODL!

Wonder if we need a thread for ‘Developer workstations of the future’ :nerd_face:

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Lol, thanks to my wife’s want of a VR setup now I’ve done a lot of research. There’s a WM in development for linux that has everything disjoint and floating, like you can put programs around positioned however you want in 3D space, can setup rooms to go between, all kinds of other features currently made and a lot lot more planned, it’s looking fascinating, and nothing shoehorned in from the 2D interface since wayland is already dimensionally agnostic. ^.^

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Any YouTube videos of it? Sounds interesting! :smiley:

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Some in-dev. xrdesktop is the name of the WM being built, it’s mostly a LOT of backend work that’s been done so unsure how pretty yet, but that’s incoming, should be able to youtube for that. ^.^

There are some standalone programs as well that copy the X client windows over like Simula as well, those are more immediately functional but they have a lot of processing overhead compared to a real dedicated WM, but no worse than on apple or windows as you don’t have other options on those OS’s (you can’t really write a new WM for those, lol).

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Some cool videos here:

Here’s the release vid:

Let’s move these posts into a dedicated thread :nerd_face: