Vim is touch-typing on steroids


I don’t suppose I need to do much explaining on the value of touch typing for developer productivity. Today developers gain additional productivity by using Integrated Development Environments such as PyCharm, Xcode, Visual Studio that provide features like auto-completion, enhanced code navigation, integration with compilers, debuggers and static analysers. All of that does not come for free. Running heavy GUI environment can be resource intensive. For example, Android Studio is quite infamous for making laptop fans spin like crazy. Furthermore, big GUI apps can potentially have quite a few bugs due to their size and complexity. Before Android Studio became an established environment to develop Android apps it was not uncommon for Android app developers to waste a lot of time fighting the bloated, unstable mess that is (was?) Eclipse IDE. Lastly, large GUI apps can be pain to run in server environment. The general, philosophical answer to all of these issues is to seek minimalism in your tooling to the extent it is possible. It may not be very feasible to develop an iOS or Android app with no GUI by merely using CLI tools, but if you’re the intended reader of this blog you can easily do web scraper development by writing and running all your code in terminal environment without any GUI tools other than web browser.

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